The programs of most Rotary Clubs in the Tampere region can be viewed here (in Finnish, click on "Jatka").
Information about our past program can be found in the Program History page.

Here is the program for our coming meetings. RCTI own meetings start at 17:00 (5pm) unless otherwise mentioned. Club visits to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa start according to their schedule, normally at 17:15 (5:15pm).

22.04.2014 - Site visit to Cargotec Technology and Competence Center
Venue: Kalmar / Cargotec premises in Rusko
Registration closed.

29.04.2014 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

06.05.2014 - Exchange students
Venue: Plevna

13.05.2014 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

20.05.2014 - Analytical chemistry for the pharmaceutical industry
Venue: Plevna
Presenter: Minna HyytiƤinen, RCTI (classification presentation)

27.05.2014 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

03.06.2014 - Bioenergy and biobased economy
Venue: Plevna
Presenter: Katja Sintonen, RCTI (classification presentation)

10.06.2014 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

17.06.2013 - Interchange meeting 2013
Venue: Rantaniityn Juhlatalo, Pirkkala
Registration needed.