The programs of most Rotary Clubs in the Tampere region can be viewed here (in Finnish; click on "Jatka").
Information about our past program can be found in the Program History page.

Here is the program for our coming meetings. RCTI own meetings start at 17:00 (5pm) unless otherwise mentioned. Club visits to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa start according to their schedule, normally at 17:15 (5:15pm).

23.12.2014 - no meeting
30.12.2014 - no meeting

06.01.2015 - no meeting (Epiphany)

13.01.2015 - Site visit: Logistics Centre of the Finnish Red Cross
Venue: Kalkku

20.01.2015 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

27.01.2015 - Quantum theory
Venue: Plevna
Presenter: Tapio Rantala, RCTI

03.02.2015 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa

10.02.2015 - Cultural specialities and current situation in Thailand
Venue: Plevna
Presenter: Banyat Padthong

17.02.2015 - Club visit to RC Tampere-Kissanmaa