This page lists the RI presidential themes during the time of our club history.

2016-2017: Rotary Serving Humanity

Watch RI President John F. Germ reveal Rotary Serving Humanity as the 2016-17 Rotary theme.

2015-2016: Be a gift to the world

Watch RI President K.R. Ravindran's full theme speech here.

2014-2015: Light Up Rotary

More details about this theme at Huang encourages club members to 'Light Up Rotary'.

2013-2014: Engage Rotary, Change Lives

More details about this theme at 'Engage Rotary, Change Lives' is 2013-14 presidential theme.

2012-2013: Peace Through Service

2011-2012: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

2010-2011: Building Communities - Bridging Continents